In Crisis? Talk Now.

In Crisis? Talk Now.

If you or someone you know has been abused, seek help immediately from civil authorities, child protective services, or adult protective services. You may also seek help from a victim advocate or medical or counseling professional. These services can help protect you and prevent further abuse.

In addition, the help lines listed below are free and are staffed by people who are trained to help. These resources are not created, maintained, or controlled by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other resources may also be available in your area. Your bishop or branch president can help you find them.

Additionally, Church leaders and members should fulfill all legal obligations to report abuse to civil authorities. No Church leader should ever dismiss a report of abuse or counsel a member not to report criminal activity. Bishops, branch presidents, and stake presidents should call the Church’s ecclesiastical help line immediately each time they learn of abuse for assistance in helping victims and meeting reporting requirements. Go to CounselingResources.ChurchofJesusChrist.org for the help line number and more information. Some of these resources may be available in English only.

Other Online Resources

  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Information on crisis hotlines, mental health guidance, help for abused or neglected children, help for sexually abused children, responding to disasters, and victim assistance and compensation programs.

  • RAINN.org (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network): Programs to help prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and bring offenders to justice.

  • The National Center for Victims of Crime: Resources to assist victims of crime. Help in learning about victim rights and options.

  • Office for Victims of Crime: Resources that provide services to crime victims.

Argentina Resources

Belize Resources

Belize’s area code is 501.

To report abuse, you may contact the following:

  • Emergencies: Dial 911.

  • Crime stoppers Belize: Dial 922.

  • Ministry of Human Development: Dial (501) 822-2246 or 2161 or 2684.

  • Belize Police Department—Family Violence Unit: Dial (501) 227-2222.

Brazil Resources

  • Violation of Human Rights

    Dial 100 for assistance with the following:

    • Children and adolescents in situations of abuse and mistreatment

    • People with disabilities in situations of abuse and mistreatment

    • Elderly individuals in situations of abuse and mistreatment

    • Individuals with restricted freedom

    • Slavery

    • Ethnic and racial discrimination

    • Violence against migrants and refugees

  • Offenses Against Women--Women in situations of violence (physical, verbal, psychological, and so on): Dial 180.

  • Emotional Support and Suicide Prevention: Dial 188.

Chile Resources

  • Service aimed at receiving complaints about assaults and abuse of minors, offering the necessary support and guidance through specialized personnel: Dial 147.

  • Service aimed at receiving complaints about family violence and aggression in the home: Dial 149.

  • Service aimed at violent situations against women: Dial 800-104-008.

  • Free legal assistance for cases of domestic violence: Dial 600-440-2000 or from your cell phone dial 02-362-8200

  • Guidance, information, and reception service for complaints associated with serious violations of rights that may affect children and youth: Dial 800-730-800.

  • Free, confidential, and national telephone service, staffed by a team of psychologists specializing in child and family violence: Dial 800-200-818.

Costa Rica Resources

Costa Rica’s area code is 506.

To report abuse, you may contact the following:

  • Emergency System: Dial 911.

  • Women’s Delegation: Dial 2527-3761.

  • National Institute for Women (INAMU): Dial 2527-3761.

  • INAMU Information and Orientation Center: Dial 2527-1911.

  • Support line for men: Dial 2234-2730.

  • National Children’s Board: Dial 2523-0800 or 2523-0900.

  • Support line for girls, boys, and youth: Dial 1147.

  • Support line for teenage mothers and their families: Dial 800-226-2626.

Dominican Republic Resources

El Salvador Resources

El Salvador’s area code is 503.

To report abuse, you may contact the following:

  • Emergency System: Dial 911.

  • National Civil Police: Dial 2527-1000 or 2527-1001.

  • General Prosecutor of the Republic: Dial 2523-7000.

  • National Children and Youth Council: Dial 2511-5451.

  • National Council for the Defense of Children and Youth: Dial 7098-1555.

  • Complaint hotline: Dial 2511-1000.

Guatemala Resources

Guatemala’s area code is 502.

To report abuse, you may contact the following:

  • Human Rights Officials: Dial 2424-1717.

  • Public Ministry: Dial 2411-9191.

  • National Civil Police: Dial 110 or 120.

  • If the victim is less than 18 years old, Child and Youth Officials: Dial 2414-8787 ext. 2012 or 2014.

  • Secretary against sexual violence, exploitation, and human trafficking: Dial 2504-8888.

Honduras Resources

Honduras’s area code is 504.

To report abuse, you may contact the following:

  • National Emergency System: Dial 911.

  • Honduran Judiciary: Dial 2568-0850.

  • Public Defense: Dial 2556-8629.

  • Integrated Justice Center: Dial 2553-6860 and 2553-6861.

  • Specialized Comprehensive Care Module: Dial 2553-6861.

Mexico Resources

  • INMUJERES National Institute for Women

    Violence Hotline: Dial 01800-91-12-511.

  • Origen Foundation

    Helpline for women: Dial 01800-01-51-617.

  • CAVI Attention Center for Family Violence (legal and psychological support): Dial 5345-5248 or 5345-5249

  • VICTIMATEL—Support for victims of sexual crimes (legal and psychological support): Dial 5575-5461.

  • FORTALEZA I.A.P.—Integrated Attention Center for Women: Dial 2621-3285 and 2621-3286.

  • ADIVAC—Association for the Comprehensive Development of Victims of Sexual Assault, A.C. (medical, legal, and psychological attention): Dial 5682-7969 and 5543-4700.

  • AMSSAC—Mexican Association for Sexual Health, A.C. (legal and psychological support for victims of abuse and sexual violence): Dial 5573-3460 or fax 5513-1065.

    Calle Tezoquipa nro. 26

    La Joya, Tialpan 14000

    Ciudad de México

  • CAM Women’s Support Center—Private center for victims of family violence and sexual abuse. Legal advice available: Dial 55-65-22-26 or fax 55-65-22-26.

    Av. Toltecas nro. 15

    Col. San Javier Tlalnepantla, Tlalnepantla

    Edo. de México, C.P. 54030


  • CTA Center for Therapy and Support for Victims of Sexual Crimes—Provides support and orientation for victims of sexual crimes (medical, psychological, social, and legal): Dial 52-00-96-32 or 52-00-96-33 or fax 55-75-50-03

    Pestalozzi nro. 1115

    Col. Del valle, C.P. 03100, Del. Benito Juárez

    México, D.F.

  • Infantia Foundation A.C.—Promotion and defense of children with emphasis in commercial sexual exploitation: Dial 01-55-55742033.

    Av. México nro. 99

    Col. Hipódromo Condesa, C.P. 06170


  • GIRE Reproductive Choice, A.C.—In cases of rape and how to report.

  • Attorney for the Defense of Minors and the Family—Specialized care for victims of violent acts. Legal assistance, psychological rehabilitation, dissemination, information, and guidance: Dial 56-04-67-00 ext. 4580.

    • Prolongación Xochicalco nro. 1000, edificio B, planta baja

    • Col. Santa Cruz Atoyac

    • Del. Benito Juárez, C.P. 03310

  • VICTIMATEL/PGJDF—Crisis intervention for sexual violence, family and emotional issues, and addiction: Dial 55-75-54-61.

  • NIÑOTEL—Support for victims of sexual abuse: Dial 5658-1111.

New Zealand Resources

  • Safe to Talk—24/7 sexual harm helpline: Dial 0800-044-334.

  • Police (emergency): 111.

  • Women’s Refuge New Zealand—Live safe from violence.

  • Child Abuse Prevention Parent Helpline: Dial 0800-568-856.

  • Safe Network—all forms of harmful sexual behavior. Safe provides services for sex offenders and their families.

  • Shine—physical and emotional abuse: Dial 0508-744 633 (9:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m., 7-days-a-week helpline).

  • It’s Not OK—family violence.

    • Phone: 0800-456-450

  • Oranga Tamariki (government—Ministry for Children)—all forms of child abuse: Dial 0508-326-459.

  • Victim Support—support for victims of crime 24/7: Dial 0800-842-846.

  • Lifeline Aotearoa—support for victims of crime 24/7

    • Phone: 0800-543-354

    • Text: 4357

  • Youthline—24/7 help.

  • Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand—helpful information on mental health resources throughout New Zealand

Nicaragua Resources

Nicaragua’s area code is 505.

To report abuse, you may contact the following:

  • Ministry for the Family: Dial 133 or WhatsApp 8352-5121.

  • Human Rights Defense Officials: Dial 2264-1519, 2264-1520, or 2268-3244.

  • National Police: Dial 118.

  • Complaint hotline: Visit the page titled “Mi Denuncia” on www.policia.gob.ni

Panama Resources

Panama’s area code is 507.

To report abuse, you may contact the following:

  • Public Ministry, Citizen Attention Center: Dial 311.

  • Public Ministry, Complaint Reception Center: Dial 507-3498 (24 hours).

  • Complaint Reception Center (DIJ): Dial 507-3493 or 507-3498.

  • Night Courts: Dial 517-9500 or 517-9523.

  • Special Prosecutors for Family and Minor Affairs: Dial 225-8826.

Paraguay Resources

Philippines Resources

Uruguay Resources

  • INAU—Uruguay Children and Youth Institute—For situations involving physical and psychological abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation, begging, human trafficking, serious violations of rights that affect integrity or put life at risk, family violence, harmful social media content, sale of alcohol, inappropriate television shows, and “everything that may affect children and adolescents:” Dial AZUL 0800-5050 (Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.).

  • Ministry of Social Development—Attention service for women in situations of gender violence: Dial 2400-0302 ext. 5504 and 5505.