Temple and Family History
About Family History

About Family History

Family history is discovering and learning more about our family members and gathering and preserving information about them. It is also performing saving ordinances for them in temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness. He has prepared a way for family relationships to continue throughout eternity. By participating in temple and family history service, we discover more about ourselves and our ancestors. We can connect with our ancestors by performing essential ordinances for them in temples. As we help our deceased family members progress on the covenant path, we can increase the influence of the Spirit in our lives and deepen our testimonies of the plan of salvation.

Family history can also strengthen our relationships with our living family members. As we share discoveries, stories, photographs, and other memories, we establish family bonds and strengthen the love between our family members. In this sense, family history is much more than just researching names, dates, and places.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides a free service, FamilySearch, which helps people connect with their families. This worldwide service provides the tools, services, and technology to help all people discover, gather, and connect their families—past, present, and future.

Learn more about how you can get started on your family history and how it can bless your life.

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