Home—a Sanctuary of Learning
April 2024

“Home—a Sanctuary of Learning,” Liahona, Apr. 2024.

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Home—a Sanctuary of Learning

No matter what your family situation is, the Lord can help you make your home a sanctuary of learning and spiritual growth. Whether you have children or not, you can be a positive influence for them at home, in a calling, or in your extended family.

In “Helping Our Families Walk in Light and Truth,” Elder Hugo E. Martinez explains how using the home as a center of learning makes such a difference. He writes: “Even when it seems our children are not paying attention, you never know when they are actually listening and learning. That is why consistently sharing the gospel is so essential” (page 12).

Merrilee Browne Boyack shares with us three ways to teach about the family being central to God’s plan in her article “A Firm Foundation: Teaching Children the Family Proclamation” (page 16).

In my article, “Our Children’s Divine Destiny,” I write that by coming to know Jesus Christ, our children will recognize their own divine nature and the love God has for each of them (page 20).

I invite you inside this issue for ideas and inspiration in partnering with the Lord at home and many other areas—a partnership that will bless you and your loved ones.

W. Justin Dyer, PhD

Brigham Young University

various family scenes and an image of the Savior