Jakarta, Indonesia
March 2024

“Jakarta, Indonesia” Liahona, Mar. 2024.

The Church Is Here

Jakarta, Indonesia

map with circle around Indonesia
street in Jakarta

In 1970 the first six missionaries to enter Indonesia baptized the first members, organized the first congregation, and started the process for official recognition of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Several more congregations were formed, and a mission headquarters was established in Jakarta in 1975. Today, the Church in Indonesia has:

  • 7,560 members (approximately)

  • 2 stakes, 24 wards and branches, 1 mission

  • 1 temple announced (Jakarta)

Preparing for the Temple

The Wintolos from Tangerang, Indonesia, were sealed as a family in the Manila Philippines Temple in 2010. Sister Wintolo says, “How happy we were when our beloved prophet announced that there would be a temple in Indonesia. We will continue to pray and prepare ourselves for the presence of the house of the Lord in our country.”

family standing together

Photograph courtesy of the Wintolo family

More about the Church in Indonesia

missionaries talking to a man on the street

Missionaries greet people in the streets.

Primary boys singing

Primary children gather to sing in Tangerang, Indonesia.

family gathered outdoors

A family spends quality time together outdoors.

young man passing sacrament to members

Members renew baptismal covenants by partaking of the sacrament in Tangerang, Indonesia.