What does it mean to have integrity?
October 2021

“What does it mean to have integrity?” Liahona, October 2021

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What does it mean to have integrity?

Doctrine and Covenants 124

article on integrity

In Doctrine and Covenants 124:15, the Lord said He loved Hyrum Smith “because of the integrity of his heart.” Consider how you can show integrity in these areas of your life:

Professional Integrity

This includes doing your best at your job or schoolwork and not taking credit for others’ work.

President Russell M. Nelson asks: “If employed to do a job, are you totally true to your employer? Or do you let yourself be less than loyal?”1

Interpersonal Integrity

This includes answering for your mistakes and doing what you’ve promised others you would do.

“Integrity safeguards family love, and love makes family life rich and zestful—now and forever.”2

Do you keep your promises to others?

Spiritual Integrity

This includes staying true to your past spiritual experiences and not denying them.

“Our quest for light will be enhanced by our willingness to recognize when it shines in our lives.”3

What spiritual experiences have you had that you can’t deny?

You Deserve Integrity!

President Nelson encourages us: “Your precious identity deserves your precious integrity! Guard it as the priceless prize that it is.”4