The Plan of Salvation and Trusting in the Lord
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“The Plan of Salvation and Trusting in the Lord,” Liahona, July 2021

For Parents

The Plan of Salvation and Trusting in the Lord

Family Life

Dear Parents,

You can use the following articles and their images to open discussions with your family and help them understand important topics such as the plan of salvation, Church history, and trusting in the Lord.

Gospel Discussions

Plan of Salvation

Use “Gospel Basics” on page 6 to teach your children about the plan of salvation. Discuss how knowledge of the plan of salvation blesses you and your family. Consider having your children draw pictures of the plan of salvation and having them each explain a different part of it.

Blessings of Studying Church History

As you read the article on page 30, discuss with your children how they can also gain a stronger testimony through learning more about the history of the Church. What accounts or experiences from Church history could you share with your family to help them face their trials with faith?

Trust in the Lord

Read Brother Milton Camargo’s experience on page 39. As you discuss it with your children, consider asking: How did the missionary show his trust in God? How do you show your trust in the Lord? What are some ways you’ve been blessed as you’ve trusted God?

Addressing Abuse

Use the ideas in the article on page 20 to learn how to recognize abuse, prevent it, and teach children how to protect themselves.

Family Study Fun

I Will Lead You Along

Doctrine and Covenants 78:17–18

The Lord will lead us along as we listen to Him through His prophets. But the world’s messages can be conflicting and confusing. Play together as a family the game “Do as I Do and Not as I Say,” as described below.

  1. Choose one person to be the instructor.

  2. The instructor says an action while doing a different action. For example, the instructor says, “Clap your hands,” but instead touches his or her arm.

  3. Family members are to do what the instructor does, not what the instructor says.

  4. Repeat the game, taking turns being the instructor.

Discussion: Did you find it difficult to follow the instructor? Sometimes the world’s instructions can be confusing, but the Lord’s commandments are clear. What can we do to listen to the Lord as He leads us along?