What is the gospel of Jesus Christ worth to you?

“What is the gospel of Jesus Christ worth to you?” Liahona, February 2021

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What is the gospel of Jesus Christ worth to you?

Doctrine and Covenants 18–19

February 22–28

Liahona Magazine, 2021/02 Feb

Martin Harris had one of the finest farms in Palmyra, New York. When the time came for the Book of Mormon to be published, Martin considered mortgaging his farm to pay the printer. But there was a huge risk involved.

A Moment of Decision

If Martin helped publish the Book of Mormon and it did not sell well, he would lose his farm. Martin had a hard choice to make.

What helps you make important decisions? Does knowing what the gospel of Jesus Christ is worth to you affect your decisions?

A Willing Sacrifice

Joseph Smith received a revelation telling Martin not to covet his property but to give it freely for the printing of the Book of Mormon (see Doctrine and Covenants 19:26).

This would be a sacrifice, but the Lord reminded Martin that no one has sacrificed more for God’s children than He has (see Doctrine and Covenants 19:18).

Why is sacrifice a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

An Honorable Act

Martin mortgaged his farm, allowing the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon to be printed. President Dallin H. Oaks, First Counselor in the First Presidency, has said, “One of Martin Harris’s greatest contributions to the Church, for which he should be honored for all time, was his financing the publication of the Book of Mormon” (“The Witness: Martin Harris,” Ensign, May 1999, 36).