Steven J. Lund
May 2020

Steven J. Lund

Young Men General President

As new Young Men General President, Steven J. Lund has accepted a sacred charge to help guide hundreds of thousands of Aaronic Priesthood–age young men in a global Church.

If it were possible to meet one-on-one with every one of them, he knows exactly what he would say: “Being a successful member of the kingdom of God isn’t complicated. Heavenly Father loves you. You just need to love Him back. And if we do that, we’re going to be safe and happy. … Our lives are going to mean something.”

Taking the Church seriously doesn’t happen only on Sunday. It’s an everyday opportunity, according to the attorney turned business executive.

“Reading the scriptures, going to church, repenting as soon as we are offtrack, opening our mouths, and being an example of the gospel—that’s our Heavenly Father’s plan,” he said.

Brother Lund was born on October 30, 1953, to Jay and Toy Ellen Lund and grew up in both Northern California (Santa Rosa) and Southern California (Long Beach), USA. His service in the U.S. Army took him back to Europe, a continent he had come to love during his service in the Netherlands Amsterdam Mission.

Following his enlistment, he enrolled in Brigham Young University, where he reconnected with Kalleen Kirk, a young woman he had become acquainted with while stationed in Germany. Steven and Kalleen eventually married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 8, 1980. They are the parents of four children.

After earning a law degree at BYU, Brother Lund worked as a lawyer before eventually becoming president and CEO of Nu Skin Enterprises. He is currently the company’s executive chairman of the board of directors. He is also a regent of the Utah System of Higher Education.

Brother Lund has served as president of the Georgia Atlanta Mission and as coordinator of the Provo City Center Temple Dedication Committee. He has also served as a member of the Young Men general board and as an Area Seventy.