Moses Follows God

    “Moses Follows God,” Liahona, June 2018

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    Moses Follows God

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    One day an Egyptian princess found a Hebrew baby in a basket. She named him Moses and raised him to become a prince.

    When Moses grew up, he didn’t like how Egyptians treated the Hebrews, their slaves. When Moses stood up for them, the king of Egypt wanted to kill him. Moses had to run away. Then God told him to go back and free the Hebrew people.

    Moses asked Pharaoh, the king, to let the Hebrew people go. Pharaoh said no. God helped Moses curse the land so Pharaoh would change his mind. Flies, lice, and then frogs filled the land. Finally Pharaoh said the slaves could leave.

    As they were leaving, Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army after them. When Moses’s people came to the Red Sea, God made a dry path through the sea so they could escape.

    God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Moses taught them to the people as they traveled toward the promised land. Finally they were safe and free!

    I can be like Moses. I can follow the commandments. God will help me when I stand up for those who need help.