If I feel like I’m losing my faith, what can I do to regain it?
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“If I feel like I’m losing my faith, what can I do to regain it?” Liahona, April 2018

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“If I feel like I’m losing my faith, what can I do to regain it?”


Go to the Scriptures

If I am having a hard time feeling the Spirit, it helps me to go to the scriptures and see the faith that everyone has. It gives me faith. Maybe your prayers have been really short. Try to make them more sincere and Heavenly Father will help you regain your faith.

Chris B., age 14, Oregon, USA

Nourish the Seed of Faith

I know that I can pray to the Father and ask Him to help me maintain the plant of faith that I have growing. I must do the necessary things to nourish it, like read the scriptures, seek out spiritual experiences, count my blessings, and ask for help from my family. That way, my faith can start growing again. It won’t happen from one day to the next—it is a process that takes time. I have to have patience and trust in the Lord.

Elías B., age 18, Mendoza, Argentina

Figure It Out Together

When I feel like I’m losing my faith, I talk to my mom and dad, and we figure things out together. Sometimes we sing an uplifting song afterward so that we can feel the Spirit.

Emmalie C., age 15, Colorado, USA

Ask Your Parents

In addition to praying directly to Heavenly Father, we can ask our parents how we can return to Him and recover our faith.

Elías S., age 12, Paysandú, Uruguay

Pray, Reach Out, and Read

As a person who dwindled in faith, there are three things I did to recover. First, I prayed. Praying for strength and to know what I should do worked well. Second, I told close friends, and they helped me immensely when I needed it. Third, I read scriptures. Many of them relate to faith and can help us regain it.

Jack J., age 14, Florida, USA