Sharing Snacks and Smiles
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“Sharing Snacks and Smiles,” Liahona, January 2018

Shine Your Light

Sharing Snacks and Smiles

Liahona Magazines, 2018/01 Jan

We’re Sam and Anastasia, and we try to SHINE OUR LIGHT by sharing with others!

How Could We Help?

Where we live, in Florida, USA, we see lots of people who are homeless. We wondered how we could help them. Jesus fed people who were hungry, and everyone needs to eat! So we decided to make emergency snack kits.

Buying Supplies

Our friend Joa helped us shop for supplies at the dollar store.

Making the Kits

We put granola bars, bread sticks with cheese, and other yummy snacks in our kits. Sam even tried one!


Sharing our kits made us smile. Some people said, “Thank you!” and “Awesome!”

Lots More Kits

Our mom put the project online, and the young single adult branch found out about it. They made 100 more snack kits for our local homeless shelter. The shelter used them to invite people to sign up for a program to help them get homes. That made us really happy!