Making Dolls, Making Friends

    “Making Dolls, Making Friends,” Liahona, June 2017

    Children with Heart

    Making Dolls, Making Friends

    Liahona Magazine, 2017/06 Jun

    Hi! I’m Jackson, from Germany, and this is my brother, Josiah, and my sister, Cora Jade.

    A Great Idea

    Lots of people come to Germany when they’re not safe in their countries anymore. They’re called refugees. The kids don’t have any toys, so I gave them some of mine. Then I had a great idea. I asked my mom if we could make dolls for them.

    Sewing with Mom

    I love to sew with my mom. I pushed the pedal on the sewing machine and put the stuffing in the dolls.

    Happy Notes

    My family collected some clothes and toys to give to the refugees here. We drew pictures for them of things that make us happy.

    New Friends

    We took the dolls to the refugee camps and gave them to kids there. I like making new friends!

    I Am a Child of God

    They sang songs for us, and we played our instruments for them. Some people who were sad smiled when we played “I Am a Child of God.” It felt really, really, really good.

    Jesus Loves Us

    The kids we met are like us in lots of ways. All of us like to sing and get toys and play outside. I know Jesus loves them, and He loves me.