Conference Story Index
May 2017

“Conference Story Index,” Liahona, May 2017

Conference Story Index

These selected experiences related during general conference can be used in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. The number refers to the first page of the talk.



Neil L. Andersen

(58) In vision President David O. McKay sees the Savior and those “who have overcome the world.” Elder Bruce D. Porter suffers kidney problems but overcomes the world through his love for the Savior.

David A. Bednar

(67) David A. Bednar helps a disappointed returned missionary.

Mark A. Bragg

(36) Firefighters save paintings of Jesus Christ from a burning stake center.

M. Joseph Brough

(23) M. Joseph Brough’s father hears wise guidance from his mother. As a young man, M. Joseph Brough seeks Heavenly Father’s will as he prepares to give away his dog. In the temple, M. Joseph Brough learns that Heavenly Father cares about him.

Linda K. Burton

(12) After her husband is paralyzed, Drusilla Hendricks provides for her family. A Relief Society president serves others while battling cancer.

Gérald Caussé

(75) Because of seminary, 30-year-old Gérald Caussé is promoted. Ward members find ways for a young man to serve.

Yoon Hwan Choi

(90) Yoon Hwan Choi’s father teaches him, “Don’t look around, look up.” Sunbeam Choi was blessed while his parents were serving a mission. Yoon Hwan Choi’s call to the Seventy means less time for his family, but his son is happy because they “are an eternal family.”

L. Whitney Clayton

(97) A young bishop counsels troubled ward members to engage in basic practices of faith.

Weatherford T. Clayton

(26) Weatherford T. Clayton sees the joy a newborn baby brings the mother. After their mother dies, two daughters find comfort through their faith in the Savior.

Quentin L. Cook

(127) The four-year-old son of Quentin L. Cook “can do everything now.” As a young man, Quentin L. Cook receives a spiritual confirmation of the restored gospel. By remaining faithful despite adversity, Parley P. Pratt increases in wisdom and virtue.

Bonnie H. Cordon

(6) Bonnie H. Cordon’s young grandson asks to read more scriptures. The peace she feels from her mother’s prayer gives Bonnie H. Cordon courage to trust in the Lord. By serving others, a cancer patient receives strength and courage to withstand her illness.

Valeri V. Cordón

(55) As a young man, Valeri V. Cordón sees his family blessed for paying tithing.

Joaquin E. Costa

(112) While taking the missionary discussions, Joaquin E. Costa humbles himself and sees repentance as the path to growth and happiness.

Henry B. Eyring

(15) Humble members in Austria allow the Holy Ghost to lighten the shed where they held sacrament meeting. The Holy Ghost allows Henry B. Eyring to see his rambunctious young son as God sees him.

(19) Even the best technology is no substitute for personal revelation.

(82) Henry B. Eyring relies on the promise that the Spirit will be in his heart and angels will bear him up as he renders priesthood service.

C. Scott Grow

(121) C. Scott Grow’s parents and in-laws serve missions. C. Scott Grow witnesses Elder Neal A. Maxwell’s spiritual refinement.

Joy D. Jones

(87) A big brother keeps his promise to his parents not to tease his five-year-old sister.

Carol F. McConkie

(9) A 13-year-old Beehive class president in Ghana helps her friends do their household chores so they can attend church.

Russell M. Nelson

(39) A Laurel keeps her commitment to participate in a stake Relief Society meeting despite being disqualified from a statewide competition.

S. Mark Palmer

(114) As a mission president, S. Mark Palmer learns to “behold” missionaries and love them as the Father and Son love them.

Ronald A. Rasband

(93) As a full-time missionary, Ronald A. Rasband uses his foot to stop a door from closing. Elder Ronald A. Rasband feels prompted to visit and bless Church members in Ecuador following an earthquake there. As a mission president, Ronald A. Rasband encourages missionaries to act on first promptings.

Dale G. Renlund

(29) In Les Misérables, a bishop’s compassion motivates Jean Valjean to change his life. As a teenager in Europe, Dale G. Renlund is bullied and persecuted.

Gary B. Sabin

(52) A Boy Scout spends a night in the cold. An inflatable punching bag bounces back because “he’s standing up on the inside.” Gary B. Sabin’s father teaches two shipmates who are impressed by his righteous example.

Ulisses Soares

(33) A full-time missionary renews his commitment to diligently serve God after he learns that his sister has died.

Gary E. Stevenson

(117) Gary E. Stevenson is impressed by a nine-year-old boy’s family home evening lesson. A prompting keeps young Gary E. Stevenson safe from a rattlesnake. A mission president’s prompting keeps missionaries safe during an earthquake in Japan. Family members receive comfort from the Holy Ghost following a tragic car accident.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

(104) Dieter F. Uchtdorf rejoices over the completion of the Madrid Spain Temple despite not being invited to the dedication. President James E. Faust tells Dieter F. Uchtdorf not to “inhale” the praise of Church members. President J. Reuben Clark Jr. counsels new leaders to follow rule number six. A former stake president volunteers to clean up after horses in the city parade.