Family Home Evening Ideas
March 2017

“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, March 2017

Family Home Evening Ideas

This issue contains articles and activities that could be used for family home evening. The following are two examples.

Family life

Be an Example of the Believers”: Elder Keetch discusses the importance of defending the doctrines of the gospel with love and kindness. After reading his talk, you could talk about times in family members’ lives when they have needed to defend the gospel. You could also read a scripture story about someone who stood up for their beliefs, like the story of Daniel or Esther. How did these people show love for both those around them and the Lord? You could try role-playing a situation where family members can practice sharing their beliefs on different topics with a calm and understanding attitude.

What if I feel like I don’t measure up?”: Elder Holland talks about what to do when we feel that we aren’t as good as we could be. As a family, you could talk about talents that Heavenly Father has given each family member. Consider inviting your family to write down a goal they want to accomplish over the next month, discussing ways to achieve this goal, how their talents will help them, and what skills they will need to develop to reach their goal. You could follow up with this activity later and encourage family members in setting and striving to achieve their goals.