Celestial Moments

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“Celestial Moments,” Liahona, January 2017

Celestial Moments

The author lives in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Sometimes it feels like heaven isn’t that far away.

One day, my Young Women leaders taught us about special moments when you really feel the Spirit and feel close to God. They called them “celestial moments,” a simple phrase that was easy to remember. For me, I knew exactly what a “celestial moment” was; I’d felt it before, such as when you feel a tiny glimmer or taste of what life in the celestial kingdom might be like. And I’ve had plenty of these moments!

After our leaders introduced the idea, we went outside. The sun was gleaming through the trees. We shut our eyes. I felt the sun on my face as a warm breeze blew. Birds sang and trees swished in the wind as we enjoyed God’s creations. That was a celestial moment.

Another time I had a celestial moment was after my best friend was baptized. As we walked back to the chapel for the rest of the service, she took my hand and talked about how great it was that we were friends and always would be—even into the eternities. I’ll never forget that. I was excited and happy and grateful!

A year or so later, we were both able to feel that joy together once again as we stood at the font and watched her mother enter into the waters of baptism. There really was beauty all around.

Perhaps the best place to have these experiences is inside the Lord’s house. The first time I entered the temple, I was blessed to attend with my parents and my sister. I was baptized for my great-grandmother, and I felt that she was happy.

Celestial moments can occur anywhere and at any time—while listening to music or during family home evening or at school. I remember one family home evening where everyone couldn’t stop laughing! That was one of my favorite moments.

These celestial moments have strengthened my testimony and helped me to have a more grateful spirit. They’ve taught me great lessons. Most of all, they’ve made me happy and excited about the gospel! I know that if I continue to choose to live the gospel, all the beauty, happiness, peace, and love I feel in each celestial moment will be something I can always feel—in much greater measure—in the celestial kingdom.