How can I become comfortable enough to talk to my bishop about issues or concerns?
April 2015

“How can I become comfortable enough to talk to my bishop about issues or concerns?” Liahona, April 2015, 64–65

Questions & Answers

“How can I become comfortable enough to talk to my bishop about issues or concerns?”

You may feel nervous to talk to your bishop about things you’re struggling with, and that’s normal. We often get nervous before new experiences or before talking with an adult.

But your bishop is called of God. He was called because he’s a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. He will do his best to be kind and understanding. His goal is to help you come to the Savior so you can find peace. Initially, you might feel embarrassed to talk to him about your questions or sins, but he will not think less of you. In fact, he’ll be glad that you have a desire to improve. And he will keep your conversations confidential.

You don’t have to carry your burdens alone. Your bishop can help you find answers to your questions and, if needed, help you repent and overcome, through Christ’s Atonement, feelings of guilt, despair, or unworthiness.

As you talk to your bishop, you will feel his love for you. Even though he’s responsible for the whole ward or branch, his main focus is the well-being of the young men and young women. You’re not bothering him by asking for help.

You can pray to Heavenly Father for strength and courage to talk to your bishop. He has authorized your bishop to help you and your bishop is eager to do so. If you go with an open heart and a desire to be better, you will find that you leave his office feeling so much better than you did before.

He Will Not Think Less of You

The bishop of your ward is given authority to guide you through the steps of repentance. Sometimes turning to your bishop is the only way for you to fully repent through the Savior. When I needed to talk to my bishop, he helped me find the Savior and overcome the deepest wound I have ever had. Your bishop wants to help you. His calling is to take care of you, and he will not think less of you because of something you need to see him for.

Madison D., age 18, Utah, USA

Your Bishop Is Willing to Help

I used to feel uncomfortable in interviews, but I eventually realized that my bishop was always willing to help me solve my problems. Trust your bishop; he is a shepherd and the ward is his flock.

Jaime R., age 19, Cochabamba, Bolivia

He Will Not Betray Your Trust

I have come to know that a bishop is probably the most trustworthy adult a teenager could seek help from. He would never betray your trust—everything you share with him stays in his office. Sometimes it is so hard to share your problems, but talking face-to-face with someone who loves and cares and wants the best for you makes it a lot easier.

Nicole S., age 18, Idaho, USA

You Can Rely on Him

Your bishop or branch president is a true servant of the Lord. You can rely on him for guidance as you seek inspiration from the Holy Ghost and the scriptures. You must understand that the bishop is there to help and that he is led by God.

Stanislav R., age 19, Donetsk, Ukraine

Remember That He Loves You

If you have something you really want to discuss with the bishop, it may be easier to chat with him about school and other general things first. If you’re nervous because you need to talk to him about repentance issues, just remember that he loves you. You don’t need to be nervous about what he’ll think of you, because why would he look down on you for wanting to be closer to Christ?

Ashley D., age 17, Arizona, USA

Pray to Know

Ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable talking to the bishop. Do you think he won’t be able to help solve your problems? Pray to know that the bishop loves you and has been called to help you.

Adam H., age 13, California, USA

Even If You Make a Mistake

It can be hard and embarrassing to confess things to your bishop, but when you walk out of that office, you will feel relieved, and you will know that Heavenly Father loves you. He wants you to be happy, even if you make a mistake.

Amanda W., age 16, Utah, USA

He Is Here to Help

The bishop is the shepherd of your ward. Remember that he will do his best to help you and he has the power of God on his side. If you feel afraid, you can pray for strength to be able to talk to your bishop. In the end, you’ll be glad you went to him—and it will be worth it.

Samuel H., age 14, Idaho, USA