Blessing Hunt

“Blessing Hunt,” Liahona, September 2014, 75

Blessing Hunt

Be a blessing detective! Look closely at the footprints and find the left and right feet that go together. The left footprints are things we can do to live the gospel. The right footprints are blessings that come from doing them. When we follow what the footprints say, we can stay on the path back to Heavenly Father.

Be grateful



Be honest

Be a good example

Pay tithing

Take the sacrament

Forgive others

Be obedient

Read the scriptures

Alma 62:51

D&C 24:7

D&C 97:8

John 13:15–17

Malachi 3:10

D&C 20:77, 79

Matthew 6:14

D&C 82:10

2 Nephi 32:3

D&C 59:15–16