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    “Our Page,” Liahona, Mar. 2014, 69

    Our Page

    I love the gospel and being a member of the Church. My favorite song is “I Love to See the Temple” (Children’s Songbook, 95). I am so happy to know that my family is eternal.

    Atonina T., age 10, Samoa

    Yery R., age 12, Ecuador

    My body is a temple. I dress modestly to show that I love and respect my body and that I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

    Lorienne P., age 6, Philippines

    This is the First Presidency. Every evening, I access general conference on the Internet and listen to it before I go to sleep. I am looking forward to watching the next general conference.

    Rina H., age 10, Japan

    Ittary V., age 5, from Mexico, is very obedient. She loves her family and likes to draw pictures of them. Her favorite Primary song is “I Love to See the Temple” (Children’s Songbook, 95). She loves to see the flowers at the temple. When she prays, she always tells Heavenly Father how much she loves Him. She loves Primary and tries to be a good example to her little sister, Ailime.