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“Our Page,” Liahona, Feb. 2014, 71

Our Page

Joseph Smith’s Prayer in the Forest, by Carolina M., age 7, Brazil

The Tree of Life, by Raquel C., age 7, Bolivia

I have a goal to go to the temple to be sealed and have an eternal family. I also want to serve a mission. In 1 Nephi 6:5, Nephi says that he writes the things that are pleasing to God and not to the world. I also want to do the things that please God and not the world. I know that God helps us, and He knows what we need.

Lis D., age 11, Argentina

The day that I had been waiting for finally arrived. I was the last in my family to be baptized because I am the youngest. My father baptized me because he holds the priesthood; he is also the bishop. Now I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan L., age 8, Ecuador

Jonah Was a Prophet, by Brigham C., age 5, Mexico

Noah’s Ark, by Ivanhoe C., age 9, Mexico

My uncle is serving a full-time mission in Guatemala, and I miss him a lot. But I have learned that he is serving Heavenly Father, and when I am big, I want to serve a mission just like him. That is why I like the Primary song “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission.”

Manuel L., age 5, El Salvador