This Is the Place!
December 2013

“This Is the Place!” Liahona, Dec. 2013, 74–75

On the Trail

This Is the Place!

Come with us to explore an important place in Church history!

Elise and Kyle H., ages 9 and 6, are strolling through the snowy streets of a replica pioneer village in Salt Lake City, Utah. It looks like they have gone back in time to the mid-1800s. That’s when the pioneers were settling in the Salt Lake Valley. Join Elise and Kyle as they explore This Is the Place Heritage Park to find out what it was like to be a pioneer child.

The town barber sent leftover hair from haircuts and shaves to toymakers to use as hair for dolls.

A family of 12 lived in this small pioneer home. The children had to go outside and climb a ladder to get to the sleeping loft.

After their chores, pioneer children played with their toys. Kyle’s favorite was a bear you pull up on two ropes. It helped pioneed children learn how to milk a cow!

The first pioneers ended their journey west in 1847. When Brigham Young first saw the Salt Lake Valley, he said, “This is the right place.” This monument, designed by Brigham Young’s grandson, honors those brave pioneers.

Yum! Pioneer children loved candy too!

Pioneer children often went to school in a one-room building. Children of all ages met in the same room—even if they were learning different things.

This Is the Place

Photographs by Cody Bell, except as noted; photograph of This Is the Place Monument by Ronda T. Williams © IRI