Jesus Calms the Tempest
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“Jesus Calms the Tempest,” Liahona, Sept. 2013, 76–79

For Young Children

Jesus Calms the Tempest

Jesus Calms the Tempest

Illustrations by Scott Peck

One day when Jesus and His disciples were sailing on a ship, there was a terrible storm.

The waves crashed. The winds blew. The disciples were scared that the ship would sink.

The disciples looked for Jesus. They found Him sleeping. “Save us!” they cried.

“Why are ye fearful?” Jesus asked.

Jesus stood up and commanded the storm to stop. The disciples watched as the waves stopped crashing and the winds stopped blowing. The storm had ended, just as Jesus had commanded it to do.

Sometimes when scary things happen, we feel afraid. But Jesus is near. Thinking about Him can help us feel safe and calm.