I Can Be a Missionary Now!

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“I Can Be a Missionary Now!” Liahona, Jan. 2012, 72–73

I Can Be a Missionary Now!

Anna is trying to follow the examples of the missionaries. Follow the instructions below so she can make choices that will help her be a missionary now.

You Will Need: A die or six pieces of paper numbered 1 through 6 in a small paper bag; one coin, dried bean, or other small object for each person.

How to Play: Each player picks a small object to use as a game piece. Taking turns, roll a die or draw a number out of the bag, and move your game piece the number of spaces you roll or draw. If you land on a space that tells something a missionary would do, move forward one extra space. Take turns until everyone has crossed the finish line, where the missionaries are waiting!

missionary game

Illustrations by Jake Parker


You saw a child playing alone and invited him to play with you and your friends.

You shared your testimony in family home evening.

You studied your scriptures today.

You were reverent during church.

You thought of the Savior during the sacrament.

You helped your mom fold laundry.

You remembered to pray for the missionaries.


Thank you for being a good missionary!