Happy in the Gospel
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“Happy in the Gospel,” Liahona, Sept. 2011, 61

Happy in the Gospel

From an interview with Elder Carlos A. Godoy of the Seventy; by Jacob Fullmer

Elder Carlos A. Godoy

“We will glory in the Lord; yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full” (Alma 26:16).

When I was 14, my school was across from a Latter-day Saint chapel. I watched men in white shirts going in and out of that big building. I wondered what they were doing inside.

One day my friends and I wanted to play football, but there was no more room on our school grounds. Someone said, “Let’s play at the church. They have a nice place outside to play.”

Two years later one of my brother’s friends invited my sister to go to the LDS Church, and I went along with her. I was excited to finally find out what they were doing inside that church.

When we got there, we saw some members playing a simple game. They looked so happy, and that got my attention. “Why are they so happy?” I wondered.

I found out when I took the missionary discussions and was baptized. Happiness comes from inside. My conversion changed my life, the life of my children, and generations ahead and behind.

Whatever you do outside the teachings of the Church will not bring you happiness. Maybe it will bring you a laugh or a small moment of excitement, but real happiness is within the gospel.

Even if your friends sometimes make fun of you, they will admire you for standing by your principles.

Your parents love you. Whatever they ask you to do is not because they are being hard on you; it is because they want to protect you.

Always be grateful for your parents, the gospel, and the happiness it brings into your life.

Illustration by Matt Smith