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“More Online,” Liahona, Feb. 2011, 3

More Online


For Adults

Before she joined the Church, Betsy Doane was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Now as a Church-service missionary, she helps others follow the 12 steps of the Church’s addiction recovery program (see page 14). The program’s workbook is available in many languages at recoveryworkbook.lds.org.

For Youth

Caves and waterfalls in Honduras can teach us about receiving revelation through the Holy Ghost (see pages 28, 30). To see more photos from Honduras, visit www.liahona.lds.org.

For Children

See how many of the king’s sheep you can find on page 72. Then play a similar game at www.liahona.lds.org.

In Your Language

The Liahona and other Church materials are available in many languages at www.languages.lds.org.