“Comment,” Liahona, Jan. 2011, 79


    My Life’s Compass

    I love the Liahona. It is my life’s compass; it guides me onto the right path and toward better things. It helps me grow strong and avoid the temptations I so often face. It nurtures my life every day. Thank you for making it so the people of the whole world can have this compass and guide, which puts us on the path of faith.

    Anastasia N., age 17, Ukraine

    Liahona Is a Counselor

    I often give subscriptions to the Liahona to my friends and employees for Christmas gifts as a way of teaching the gospel to them. Those at work often come to me and comment on the articles they read. They use the Liahona as a counselor, and they say that when they have problems in their families they read the Liahona together. I also place a copy of the magazine in the waiting room of our office. It is a wonderful missionary instrument.

    Prycila Villar, Brazil

    A Source of Spiritual Strength

    We are Colombians who live in Logan, Utah, USA, and we are grateful to receive the Liahona in Spanish. As parents, we strive to have our three daughters learn to live the gospel and develop a love for the temple. Thank you for publishing the Liahona every month, for in its messages our family finds a source of spiritual strength.

    Rincon Family, Utah, USA