Members Keep Conference Alive in Everyday Life

    “Members Keep Conference Alive in Everyday Life,” Liahona, Nov. 2010, 127–28

    Members Keep Conference Alive in Everyday Life

    You’ve heard the messages; you’ve felt the Spirit; you’ve committed to follow the counsel. But now that general conference is over, how will you make it part of your life for the next six months?

    Church members around the world shared what helps them remember and implement the messages of general conference.

    Include General Conference in Your Day-to-Day Life

    Listen to the addresses while you exercise, drive, do chores, or get ready for the day.

    —James, Ontario, Canada

    Have family members take turns choosing talks to listen to during breakfast.

    —Ashlee, Washington, USA

    Watch parts of general conference as a family on Sundays.

    —Grant, California, USA

    Make the Addresses Part of Family Home Evening

    Select messages that you want to review as a family and assign them to family members to teach in upcoming family home evenings.

    —Vern and Jennifer, Utah, USA

    Read or watch an address and look for goals you can work on as a family.

    —Tony, Arizona, USA

    Use the Addresses for Scripture Study

    Alternate between reading scriptures in the morning and reading a general conference address in the evening.

    —Diane, Washington, USA

    Read an address to your children each night as a bedtime story.

    —Heather, Utah, USA

    Look up the scripture references in each address after you have read the address.

    —Becky, Utah, USA

    Highlight everything that the speakers specifically ask us to do and focus on following their counsel.

    —Helen, Australia

    Study by Topic

    Make a list of topics covered in general conference that matches what you want to improve in your life. Study the topics one at a time as you try to improve before the next general conference.

    —Rebecca, Texas, USA

    Focus on a particular topic during your scripture study for a few days or in family home evening for a few weeks.

    —Francis, Nigeria

    Share the Messages with Others

    Include general conference quotes on Church bulletins and handouts.

    —Todd, West Virginia, USA

    Host or join a general conference book club, either online or in person. Each week, study one address and come to the book club prepared to share insights.

    —Stephanie, Utah, USA