Remembering the Great Things of God

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“Remembering the Great Things of God,” Liahona, Mar. 2010, 30–35

Remembering the Great Things of God

Eighth International Art Competition

Consider the many gifts and blessings our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have given us. By recognizing these gifts and blessings in our lives, we show reverence for God and strengthen our individual testimonies. Our faith can be expressed in the notes of a hymn, the shaping of clay, or the strokes of a paintbrush.

Walking into the exhibit of the Eighth International Art Competition at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, is like walking into a testimony meeting of members from 44 countries. In Doctrine and Covenants 115:5 we read, “Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations,” and the work of these Latter-day Saint artists is doing just that.

This triennial contest’s entries include paintings and handcrafted designs that reflect the theme “Remembering the Great Things of God.” Our earthly home, the restored gospel, and the precious Atonement of our Savior are some of the subjects the artists have magnified. Out of 1,089 submissions, nearly 200 were selected for display, including 20 Merit Awards and 18 Purchase Awards. Although the exhibit at the Conference Center has ended, it can be viewed online at ArtExhibit.lds.org. Seeing the art offers a chance to be spiritually strengthened by these tangible testimonies.

The Child

Left: The Child, by Kathleen Bateman Peterson, USA, Merit Award

“This is a painting about God’s greatest gift to us—life itself.”

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman? II

Above: Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman? II, by Louise Parker, South Africa, Purchase Award

“I wanted to reflect the scripture [Proverbs 31] as well as celebrate the inherent characteristics of women in Africa. They are so industrious and generous and survive … with their dignity intact.”


Below: Love, by Nnamdi Okonkwo, Nigeria, Merit Award

“This cast bronze sculpture is a tribute to motherhood.”

I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Left: I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go, by Ramon Ely Garcia Rivas, Ecuador, Purchase Award

“One can see young missionaries teaching the gospel to an investigator family that lives in a balsa floating house, which is typical of the people of the Babahoyo River in Ecuador.”

A Stop along the Way

Right: A Stop along the Way, by Carmelo Juan Cuyutupa Caares, Peru

“The pioneers felt small joys during their crossing that led them to pause for a moment, notwithstanding the fatigue they felt, and stop along the way.”

They Did Not Doubt

Left: They Did Not Doubt, by Joseph Brickey, USA

“Yea, [the stripling warriors] had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them” (Alma 56:47).

We Give Thanks (Proverbs 22:6)

Above: We Give Thanks (Proverbs 22:6), by Elisabete Lina Miota, Brazil

“Prayer taught by parents is the first contact with Heavenly Father that a 16-month-old baby can learn and practice.”

Steps of Faith

Right: Steps of Faith, by Alfred Igbinigie, Nigeria

“This woodcarving portrays the troubles of the Saints in Missouri, 1838.”


Above: Agape, by Valeriano Ugolini, Italy

“This painting is a visual and symbolic representation of God’s love for man, and man’s love for God, as expressed in John 3:16.”

Windows of Heaven

Below: Windows of Heaven, by Emily McPhie, USA, Purchase Award

“[Looking at my little girl] took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. It was as if the windows of heaven opened through her eyes and poured out love and light. Children are a precious gift.”

Martin Handcart Company, Mellor Family

Left: Martin Handcart Company, Mellor Family, by Douglas McGarren Flack, USA

“This entire family of nine survived the trek to Zion.”


Right: Rooted, by Heidi Renee Somsen, Canada

“As the roots bind a tree to the earth, families are bound together in the gospel in love and quite literally through temple ordinances.”

Preparing for the Sabbath

Right: Preparing for the Sabbath, by Mthulisi Ncube, Zimbabwe

“The young girl is reading her scripture assignments, and the women are washing their clothes in preparation for the Sabbath in rural South Africa.”

Gethsemane Grove

Above: Gethsemane Grove, by Derek J. Hegsted, USA

“During a trip to Israel, I found a grove of olive trees that left me pondering why Christ ‘ofttimes resorted’ to Gethsemane (see John 18:2). … All forms of life [have] a connection with the Great Creator. … Through the painting, it seems only right to pay tribute to everything that bore witness of His divinity.”

Facing Eternity

Above: Facing Eternity, by Del Parson, USA

“As the day comes to an end, the Savior contemplates His Father’s plan. The masts of the fishing boats represent the crosses that wait for Him in the last scene of His earthly life.”

Teach Me to Walk in the Light

Left: Teach Me to Walk in the Light, by Ai Meng Tsai, Taiwan, Purchase Award

“I have expressed the idea conveyed in this well-known children’s song.”

Her Sins Are Forgiven, for She Loved Much

Above: Her Sins Are Forgiven, for She Loved Much, by Roger Cushing, USA

“The woman’s faith and repentance led her to seek the Lord’s forgiveness. … Through the Lord’s redeeming love, hope was born in her.”