“Comment,” Liahona, Oct. 2009, 1


Answers to My Questions

I am very grateful for this marvelous magazine and for the testimonies, new information, explanations of the scriptures, and material for teaching lessons it contains. So many times when I have asked questions of Heavenly Father, I have been led by the Holy Ghost to the Liahona, where I have found the answers to my questions. I receive each issue with joy.

Evgenija Samarskaja, Russia

Happy to Find the Liahona

I love the Liahona, and my husband and I have had up to five subscriptions at a time. We use the extra magazines as gifts for our neighbors. One neighbor told me that when she came home tired and depressed from work, it made her happy to find the magazine in her mailbox. I know that everything in the magazine is inspired—from the General Authority messages to the stories from members—and reading it brings me knowledge and blessings and helps me gain love and understanding for my fellowman.

Bertha Viola Rétiz Espino, Mexico