The New Gospel Art Book
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“The New Gospel Art Book,” Liahona, Oct. 2009, 22–23

The New Gospel Art Book

One affordable spiral-bound book now gives Latter-day Saints access to 137 color pictures for use in gospel learning and teaching.

In the office of President Thomas S. Monson hangs a painting of the Savior by artist Heinrich Hofmann. The prophet says that this painting reminds him to do what the Savior would have him do. Pictures can have a powerful influence on each of us, just as this painting does on President Monson.

Out of a desire to provide affordable pictures for members to use in Church classes and in our homes, the Church has made available the Gospel Art Book with 137 paintings and photographs. These pictures can complement lessons taught anywhere from Gospel Doctrine to Primary sharing time. They can also be used in family home evening, personal scripture study, missionary work, and home or visiting teaching.

Each illustration in this book invites a teaching moment—the opportunity to tell a scripture story and teach a principle. To aid us, the Gospel Art Book includes a list linking pictures to their accounts in the scriptures. Searching these scriptures will deepen our understanding of the events and gospel principles depicted in each picture.

Following are three ways the Gospel Art Book might be used in teaching a lesson:

  1. Consider inviting individuals to search the scriptures linked to a particular picture. Ask them to read the scripture aloud or to summarize it as you discuss the picture together.

  2. Consider asking individuals to describe what they see in a picture. What gospel principles does the picture teach? How can we apply those principles in our lives today?

  3. After teaching a particular gospel principle, invite others to search the Gospel Art Book, looking for pictures illustrating that principle. Ask individuals how they feel when they look at the picture now that they have discussed its meaning.

In all our learning and teaching of the gospel, let us prayerfully seek inspiration (see D&C 42:14–17). As we do, the Holy Ghost will bring other ideas into our minds tailored to meet the needs of those we are teaching. The new Gospel Art Book is an important tool that can help us help one another come unto Christ and receive the blessings of eternal life.

From left: Christ’s Image, by Heinrich Hofmann, courtesy of C. Harrison Conroy Co.; photo illustrations by Matthew Reier, Hyun-Gyu Lee, and Christina Smith