The Church in Hungary

    “The Church in Hungary,” Liahona, April 2009, 43

    The Church in Hungary

    In 1887 Hungarian Mischa Markow was converted near Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey. In 1899 he served as a missionary in his native land, but he was arrested and banished from Hungary because of his preaching. He tried to share the gospel in neighboring countries, but after having difficulties there, Elder Markow and his companion preached in Temesvár, Hungary, until the government forced them to leave. The day before they left, they baptized and confirmed 12 people and appointed leaders for a congregation of 31 members.

    Prior to World War I, a total of 106 people joined the Church in Hungary. Political restrictions then limited missionary work until the 1980s.

    In June 1988 Hungary gave the Church legal recognition. One year later President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the country’s first meetinghouse. The Hungary Budapest Mission was created in June 1990.

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