Family Home Evening Ideas

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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, July 2008, inside front cover–1

Family Home Evening Ideas

These ideas can be used for classroom teaching as well as in the home.

“Recipe for a Happy Home,” p. 26: Share the Ronndahls’ story, looking for the ingredients that make their home happy. Consider having a special meal before family home evening. As you prepare the meal together, discuss how each ingredient makes the meal a success, just as each member of the family is necessary to create a happy home.

Read the article. Using the Ronndahls’ example, ask your family members what they want to do for family home evening. Make assignments for the next family home evening. You may even wish to play the blindfolded conductor game.

“God’s Guiding Hand,” p. 30: Begin by relating some of Elder Paul’s experiences with prayer. Read aloud his promises under the section “Guiding a Life.” Read Alma 34:18–26, and discuss what Amulek taught the Zoramites about prayer. Have family members share experiences when prayer has helped them.

“Now Is the Time,” p. 34: Share the three different ways Sasha read the Book of Mormon. How did his third way of reading differ from the first two? Read Moroni 10:4–5, and discuss Moroni’s promise.

“Do You Want to Go to Primary with Me?” p. F12: With your children, discuss what they like about Primary. Summarize the story in the article with your family. Is there someone they would like to invite to Primary? Make a goal to invite someone to Primary or to a Primary activity.

“Family Fast,” p. F15: Read the article, and consider starting a “courtesy jar” with your family. Discuss how Leonardo’s and Mariana’s fasting and sacrifice blessed them and others. You could also hold a family fast for someone needing a special blessing and then do something helpful for that person.