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    Closer to God

    Even when I did not go to church, I still wanted a subscription to the Liahona. One day I accessed a Web site and asked for a subscription, and a sister promptly sent me one. I was very happy when I received the issue for new members (Oct. 2006). It touched me deeply and again proved the truth of this gospel. Through the Liahona, I feel a little closer to God.

    Marcio Honirio Peres, Brazil

    Feeding Our Faith

    I’m so glad when I read the Liahona. I use the magazine for Relief Society lessons and family home evenings. I shared the Liahona with a friend who is not of our faith. I really like to read it because I understand more about the Church and what happens in the Church. Thanks very much for preparing good topics and good lessons so we can feed our faith in the true gospel of our Father in Heaven.

    Maasoama Bernard, USA

    A Daily Guide

    The Liahona is like a constant companion. I read every day—in the office on breaks, at home, and at every other available opportunity. The counsel of the General Authorities and various true-life stories help shape my life. I appreciate all the stories. The Liahona has increased my testimony of Jesus Christ. It is a daily guide.

    Wilfred Kenneth F. Wokekoro, Nigeria

    Rest after a Hard Day

    I go to my room feeling so tired and needing a rest after school. I read the Liahona. I enjoy reading it. All the messages are truly inspired and remind me of all that Jesus Christ taught us. I know with all my heart that these things are true.

    Judie Ann Diamada Boligor, Philippines

    The Power of the Atonement

    The Liahona printed an article on the Atonement of Christ and what it meant in people’s lives, and I realized that my sins were in the past and that I could move forward and start over. I’m now the Young Women president, and I enjoy working with the young women. I’m very happy and hope I can help people who still haven’t been baptized to know that this is the true Church.

    Viarda Martínez, Dominican Republic

    Foundation for Missionary Work

    The Liahona is an indispensable foundation for missionary work. I have already helped several investigators using articles from the Liahona, especially in preparing them for baptism and confirmation.

    Petra Longerich, Germany

    Christ in Gethsemane, by Heinrich Hofmann, courtesy of C. Harrison Conroy Co.