New Area Leadership Assignments
August 2007

“New Area Leadership Assignments,” Liahona, Aug. 2007, N2–N3

New Area Leadership Assignments

The First Presidency has announced changes in assignments for area leadership, effective beginning on August 1, 2007. All members of Area Presidencies are members of the First or Second Quorum of the Seventy unless otherwise noted.

Three new members of the Presidency of the Seventy have been called to serve. Elder Quentin L. Cook, Elder Claudio R. M. Costa, and Elder Steven E. Snow have been called to succeed Elder Charles Didier, Elder Merrill J. Bateman, and Elder Robert C. Oaks.

The First Presidency has also announced the combining of the Mexico North and South Areas and the Brazil North and South Areas.

Presidency of the Seventy

Earl C. Tingey
1. North America East
2. North America Northeast

D. Todd Christofferson
3. North America Northwest
4. North America West

Neil L. Andersen
5. North America Southwest

Ronald A. Rasband
6. Utah North
7. Utah Salt Lake City
8. Utah South

Quentin L. Cook
9. North America Southeast

Claudio R. M. Costa
10. Idaho

Steven E. Snow
11. North America Central

12. Mexico
Lynn A. Mickelsen, President
C. Scott Grow, First Counselor
Octaviano Tenorio, Second Counselor

13. Central America
Don R. Clarke, President
Shirley D. Christensen, First Counselor
Enrique R. Falabella, Second Counselor

14. Caribbean
Clate W. Mask Jr., President
Daniel L. Johnson, First Counselor
Miguel A. Lee*, Second Counselor

15. South America North
Carl B. Pratt, President
Benjamín De Hoyos, First Counselor
César A. Dávila*, Second Counselor

16. South America West
Walter F. González, President
Marcus B. Nash, First Counselor
Alexander A. Nuñez*, Second Counselor

17. Brazil
Charles Didier, President
Ulisses Soares, First Counselor
Stanley G. Ellis, Second Counselor

18. Chile
Carlos H. Amado, President
Paul V. Johnson, First Counselor
Daniel M. Cañoles*, Second Counselor

19. South America South
Lynn G. Robbins, President
Shayne M. Bowen, First Counselor
Claudio D. Zivic, Second Counselor

20. Europe West
Kenneth Johnson, President
Francisco J. Viñas, First Counselor
Patrick Kearon*, Second Counselor

21. Europe Central
Robert C. Oaks, President
Erich W. Kopischke, First Counselor
Johann A. Wondra*, Second Counselor

22. Europe East
Paul B. Pieper, President
Wolfgang H. Paul, First Counselor
Larry W. Gibbons, Second Counselor

23. Africa West
Lowell M. Snow, President
Craig A. Cardon, First Counselor
Christoffel Golden Jr., Second Counselor

24. Africa Southeast
William W. Parmley, President
Paul E. Koelliker, First Counselor
Allen P. Young*, Second Counselor

25. Asia
Daryl H. Garn, President
Donald L. Hallstrom, First Counselor
Anthony D. Perkins, Second Counselor

26. Asia North
David F. Evans, President
Kazuhiko Yamashita*, First Counselor
Yoon Hwan Choi*, Second Counselor

27. Philippines
Keith R. Edwards, President
Won Yong Ko, First Counselor
Michael J. Teh, Second Counselor

28. Australia
Paul K. Sybrowsky, President
Keith K. Hilbig, First Counselor
Dirk Smibert*, Second Counselor

29. New Zealand/Pacific Islands
Spencer J. Condie, President
David S. Baxter, First Counselor
Hans T. Sorensen*, Second Counselor

  • * Area Seventy