Line upon Line: Tithing and Other Offerings

“Line upon Line: Tithing and Other Offerings,” Liahona, Apr. 2007, 39

Line upon Line:

Tithing and Other Offerings

Want to make a difference in the world but don’t know how? The answer is as close as your tithing envelope. Here’s a look at how the money you put in that little envelope helps build the Lord’s kingdom worldwide—and right in your own ward or branch.

It may seem pretty obvious, but be sure to fill out this line exactly the same way each time. That’s so your ward or branch clerk won’t have to figure out if K. Anderson and Kim Anderson are really the same person.

Your 10 percent is sent to Church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Church leaders carefully decide where it is needed most—maybe to help build a new meetinghouse somewhere in the world.

Fast offering
Every fast Sunday, Latter-day Saints have the opportunity to donate to the fast offering fund. First, the bishop or branch president uses this money to help people right in your own ward or branch who need money to buy food or pay for housing. Then, if there is a surplus, fast offerings are passed along to help needy people in other areas.

Ward missionary
Donate here to help support missionaries from your own ward or branch.

General missionary
Donate here to support missionaries and missionary work in locations throughout the Church.

Book of Mormon
If you’d like to help pay for copies of the Book of Mormon, which can help convert people throughout the world, donate here.

Humanitarian aid
Whenever there is a large-scale natural disaster in the world, the Church is there, helping provide emergency supplies. The Humanitarian Aid Fund also sends food to people suffering from malnourishment and starvation and education kits for needy children. For example, the Humanitarian Aid Fund recently helped vaccinate millions of African children against measles.

Temple construction
If you want to help pay for the building of temples throughout the world, donate here.

Perpetual education
In many areas of the world, a post-high-school education is beyond the reach of many Latter-day Saint young adults. The Perpetual Education Fund gives education loans to make a brighter future for students from many countries.

Need to pay fees for Scout camp, Young Women camp, or some other Church-sponsored activity? Write down these funds in the “Other” category. Although these funds are not actually donations, this category allows ward or branch leaders to account for the money and give you a receipt.

“A group of men were talking with the Prophet Joseph Smith one day when news arrived that the house of a poor brother … was burned down. Everyone expressed sorrow for what had happened. The Prophet listened for a moment, then ‘put his hand in his pocket, took out five dollars and said, “I feel sorry for this brother to the amount of five dollars; how much do you all feel sorry?”’ … Last year millions of you responded to the sorrow of others with your means, tender hearts, and helping hands. Thank you for your wonderful measure of generosity.”
Bishop H. David Burton, Presiding Bishop, “Tender Hearts and Helping Hands,” Liahona, May 2006, 8.

Photograph by Craig Dimond