Family Home Evening Ideas

    “Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, Dec. 2006, inside front cover–1

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    These ideas can be used for classroom teaching as well as in the home.

    “Quick to Observe,” p. 14: Place several objects where everyone can see them. Have family members close their eyes while you remove one of the objects. As they look at the objects again, see if they were quick to observe and can recall which object was removed. Read aloud some examples from the article to show the importance of being quick to observe.

    “Because of the Restoration … ,” p. 32: Hand out papers with the words “Because of the Restoration …” written on them, and leave space for answers. Search the article together, looking for phrases that fill in the blank. Challenge family members to write down blessings they experience in the coming week because of the Restoration. At the next family home evening, invite them to share what they wrote.

    “Room for Three,” p. F10: Have your family stand in as small a circle as possible. What was necessary to successfully stand in the circle? Answers could include holding on to one other, picking up small children, and so on. Discuss ways to make room for each other and to stand as a unified family.

    “It Makes Them Happy,” p. F12: Ask family members to suggest qualities of a prophet. Are some qualities more important than others? Read about and discuss the capacity the Prophet Joseph Smith had to enjoy life and people and the lasting effect it had on the youth in the account. Invite family members to share stories and their feelings about prophets who showed love and encouragement.

    “Remembering Promises,” p. F14: Open the scriptures to Doctrine and Covenants section 3. Read Elder Jay E. Jensen’s experience as you study the verses he mentions. Discuss promises found in the scriptures, and invite family members to share times when remembering spiritual promises encouraged them.