Idea List: Learn to Share
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“Idea List: Learn to Share,” Liahona, Sept. 2006, 37

Idea List:

Learn to Share

Most of us want to share the gospel with our friends. Sometimes we just don’t know how. So we asked seminary students in the Des Moines Iowa Stake for their ideas. They know something about the subject because one of the students is a recent convert himself and two others in the early-morning class are not Church members. Here’s what the class said:

Pray. Pray to be guided to someone who will be interested in hearing the gospel. Pray to know what to say and do to help that person.

Be a friend first. When you are a true friend, you’ll share the gospel out of love, and your friend will sense that and not be offended.

Be an example. It is pretty hard to ask a friend to accept principles you don’t live yourself.

Give service. That is how the Savior lived His mortal life. It is how the sons of Mosiah won the hearts of their Lamanite converts (see Alma 17–18).

Help your friend have uplifting experiences. Spending time with you at Church activities or just having fun with you and your Latter-day Saint friends can provide an environment where the Spirit will touch your friend’s heart.

Listen with interest and respect. Listening is part of being a friend. And it invites the other person to show the same interest and respect when you share how you feel about the Savior and His Church.

Share the Book of Mormon and your testimony. Mark a few of your favorite passages, and point out the promise in Moroni 10:3–5.

Invite your friend to meet with the full-time missionaries. The missionaries can explain our beliefs clearly and answer any questions your friend has. Take part in the lessons with your friend.

Believe in the power of the Spirit to touch hearts. Remember that even the simplest testimony or explanation of gospel truth invites the witness of the Spirit. Pray for the Spirit to be with you and to guide you.

Believe in your friend. Be supportive and encouraging. Above all, if your friend does not show interest in the Church at this time, remain a friend.

Photograph by Steve Bunderson, posed by models