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“Comment,” Liahona, July 2006, 48


A Fountain of Knowledge

The Liahona has been a fountain of knowledge for me and helps me overcome difficulties from day to day. The interview with Elder Henry B. Eyring, titled “A Discussion on Scripture Study,” in the July 2005 issue was sensational. Thanks to this material, I learned to use the scriptures in an efficient way.
Sandro Everaldo Ponte Machado, Brazil

An Important Resource

I have loved reading the Liahona in Tongan since I joined the Church. The magazine became an important resource to me as my knowledge and understanding of the gospel increased. I am an institute teacher, and I like to use the Liahona in preparing my lessons, talks, and spiritual thoughts. I often focus on the First Presidency Messages. The principles and doctrines of the gospel they teach become a light to my life. As I diligently read the Liahona and study the scriptures, I feel a divine power and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which help me stay on the strait path as I travel this perilous journey. I also enjoy reading the news about members of the Church in other countries.
Saiatua ‘Ie‘ula Fa‘apoi, New Zealand

Liahona Online

I am very grateful for the Liahona magazine and the things it has in it. I am even more grateful to have it online so I can look it over no matter where I am. I occasionally read the Liahona on the Internet, and it helps me so much. I would like to see the entire Book of Mormon published online, and if possible, all the scriptures in Spanish. It would be a blessing to read them from anywhere.
José Carrasco Benites, Peru

Editors’ note: The Liahona is available online in 12 languages. Go to www.lds.org, and click on the world map. Then select a language.

Looking Ahead

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