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“Comment,” Liahona, Feb. 2006, 48


Liahona Leads to Baptism

It was through the Liahona that I became acquainted with the Church and was baptized. In 1997, when I was 11 years old, a friend showed me copies of the magazine. The beautiful pictures caught my attention, as did the articles and games in the children’s section. I was baptized a short time later. Even though it was years ago, I remember it perfectly.
Paula F. P. da Silveira, Ibirapuita Ward, Alegrete Brazil Stake

Magazine Promotes Unity

We were profoundly touched by President Thomas S. Monson’s First Presidency Message “To Truly See,” in the February 2005 issue. We carefully studied this article during a family home evening, and we both resolved to cultivate the ability to see Christ in the faces of our spouse, our children, and everyone we meet. This magazine promotes unity in our home and helps us feel the love of our Heavenly Father through the messages of the prophets.
Justin and Christine Mukuna, Katuba Second Ward, Lubumbashi Democratic Republic of Congo Stake

Infinite Gratitude

I love the Liahona and often share its articles with my nonmember friends. I also love the Book of Mormon. What a great privilege it is to know the truth and how much we owe the Prophet Joseph Smith! I feel infinite gratitude to the Lord’s faithful servants, who have made it possible for me to have this knowledge today.
Marta R. Garríga, Carlos Paz Ward, Córdoba Argentina Sierras Stake

Help for Members

I want to thank you for the beautiful articles in the Liahona that tell about the experiences of members of the Church. I am especially grateful for “The Link in the Chain,” by Eva Fry in the September 2004 issue. I have been able to use this article with members of the ward where I am serving who are going through similar problems, and it has helped all of us.
Elder Eder Herrera Guarneros, Mexico Mexico City North Mission

Preparation for the Restoration

As a history teacher, I would like to express my gratitude to the Liahona for publishing the article “What Had to Happen?” in the March 2005 issue. It helped me increase my testimony of the truthfulness of this great work by showing through historic events how the Lord prepared in advance each specific condition necessary for the Restoration of His Church.
Marcelo Olinto Soares de Moura, Cavaleiro Ward, Recife Brazil Jardim São Paulo Stake

Illustrated by Sam Lawlor