Using the Liahona
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“Using the Liahona,” Liahona, June 2005, 1

Using the Liahona

Family Home Evening Ideas

“Making Hard Decisions,” p. 8: Invite family members to think of the hardest decision they have ever had to make. Read or tell Elder Richard G. Scott’s story about his job. What effect did the hymn have on his choice? Invite family members to share experiences they have had when the Lord has helped them make hard decisions.

“President, I’m Ready for My Missionary Interview!” p. 12: What was Vova counseled to do to prepare for his mission? Read Alma 57:19–21, 25–27, and compare Vova and his friends to the example of the stripling warriors. In what ways can family members follow Vova’s example?

“Blessed by the Word of Wisdom,” p. 32: Identify what Elder Masayuki Nakano did that allowed him to keep the Word of Wisdom and still do his job. What could family members do to help themselves and each other obey the Word of Wisdom?

“Family Home Evening as a Missionary Tool,” p. 34: Share a few stories from the article that fit your family’s interests and needs. Plan and implement some ideas for making your family home evenings a missionary tool.

“Your Fascinating History,” p. F2: Read aloud the first three paragraphs of this article; then let family members take turns relating a story about an ancestor or a living relative. Consider recording these stories. Bear testimony using the last two paragraphs of the article.

“Jumping Fences,” p. F8: Invite family members to think of times when they were disobedient to the Lord. What were the results? Relate the story of Smokey. Compare the consequences of being obedient with the consequences of being disobedient.