Don’t Use Violence
March 2005

“Don’t Use Violence,” Liahona, Mar. 2005, F16

Don’t Use Violence

I have always been taught to be nice to my schoolmates, friends, and family. My mother always says, “Aarón, never use violence. Jesus doesn’t like it!”

When I was going to a preschool near my house, there was a boy in a higher grade who sometimes tried to hit me at recess. He seemed big and strong. One day he had a rock. And when he saw me, he hit me in the head with the rock. I knew I could try to hit him back, but I remembered my mother’s words: “Jesus doesn’t like violence.” I left and I ran to get my teacher.

A year has gone by since this happened, and now I’m in another school. I’m grateful to Heavenly Father and Jesus because I don’t feel afraid. I know that I always need to try to do what is right and not use violence, even though sometimes it’s hard for me.

  • Guido Aarón Romero Duarte, age 5, is a member of the Luque Ward, Luque Paraguay Stake.

Illustrated by Gerald Rogers