Using the Liahona

    “Using the Liahona,” Liahona, Feb. 2005, 1

    Using the Liahona

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    “You’ll Be Tested and Taught,” p. 8: Make several stepping-stones out of paper. On one stone write “Matthew 5:16; Matthew 6:24, 33,” and on another write “D&C 82:10.” Discuss how the ideas in these scriptures can be “stepping-stones” to happiness. Read, discuss, and invite family members to share their feelings about Elder Christoffel Golden’s experiences.

    “What Happened to Christ’s Church?” p. 12: Draw a picture of a Church building, and cut it into 12 pieces. Write the titles of the sections in this article on the pieces, and hide the pieces. Ask family members to find and restore the “Church.” Read and discuss each section. Bear testimony of the Restoration.

    “Seven Lessons on Sharing the Gospel,” p. 16: Invite family members to share thoughts about and experiences with the lessons in this article. Choose one of the lessons for your family to live during the next month. Consider inviting missionaries into your home to discuss how your family can help share the gospel in your area.

    “Our Progress toward Perfection,” p. 34: Invite family members to listen for and list ideas about the purpose of life as they read this article. Use the list to discuss the purpose of life. Consider memorizing a section of the family proclamation.

    “Be Not Afraid,” p. F2: Read why President Gordon B. Hinckley is so optimistic. Talk about the courage of the woman in South America. Consider acting out what one might say when inviting a friend to church or answering a gospel question. Write “Be not afraid, only believe” (Mark 5:36) on a piece of paper, and post it in your home.

    “A Sister’s Example,” p. F11: Show family members an empty glass jar. Ask them what could be kept in it. Read this story together. Talk about the value of what was kept in this sister’s jar. Share testimonies of tithing.