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“Comment,” Liahona, Sept. 2004, 48


The Bread of Life

I left on a mission in order to give people the bread of life and the love of Jesus Christ. I have learned about Him, and now I receive and will continue to receive His grace and blessings.
Sister Svetlana Bashkina, Russia Moscow Mission

Liahona Helped a Great Deal

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the Liahona. During my years serving a mission, the Liahona helped me a great deal. I love to read it.
Boris Nkodia, BaCongo Ward, Brazzaville Republic of Congo Stake

“It’s Just Hair”

I loved the story by Juli Housholder, “It’s Just Hair,” in the August 2003 issue. If I were in Juli’s shoes, I would be asking God, “Why me?” But Juli is a model of strong faith in Jesus Christ, and I think she is a courageous woman. She is beautiful with or without hair. Articles such as this give me strength and a sense of direction. I love reading them.
Donna Sanchez, Naga First Ward, Naga Philippines Stake

I Had Forgotten the Lord

Every time I attend my Church meetings, I feel a great desire to go every week, but for various reasons I don’t. I find plenty of excuses. I’m a carrier of HIV, and my life has gotten pretty complicated. It gets more complicated every day. But the article by Juli Housholder, “It’s Just Hair,” gave me the strength I needed to get organized and set some new goals.

The same thing happened to me that happened to Juli. I lost almost all my hair—in my case because of the strong medications I’ve had to take to keep me alive. But her testimony really woke me up, and now I’m getting back on the path. I had lost sight of my goal, which is to return to the presence of my Heavenly Father. I’m just now starting to realize that because of my illness I had forgotten the Lord.

Thanks for the testimonies you publish from members all across the world and for the talks by our leaders.
Name withheld

Call for Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching Experiences

Have you had an experience that would inspire other members to be better home teachers or visiting teachers? How have your home teachers or your visiting teachers blessed your life? If you would like to share a true story with other readers, please send it to Home and Visiting Teaching, Liahona, Floor 24, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3220, USA; or e-mail to

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