Using the Liahona

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“Using the Liahona,” Liahona, August 2004, 1

Using the Liahona

Family Home Evening Ideas

“Worshiping at Sacrament Meeting,” p. 10: Read the sacrament prayers (see D&C 20:77, 79), and discuss the covenants we are renewing as we partake of the bread and water. Elder Russell M. Nelson suggests that during the sacrament each of us should “examine himself” and “meditate upon the sacred things of God.” Ask your family what it means to examine yourself and what the sacred things of God might include.

“Drifting to Starboard,” p. 38: Explain that sometimes we face spiritual storms in our lives, and sometimes when caught in these storms we “drift to starboard.” Ask family members what they can do to save their ship if it starts to drift.

“My Inspired Mission Call,” p. 15: Read together this story about one reason a missionary feels his call to a particular mission was inspired. If a family member has served a mission, ask him or her to relate a mission experience that strengthened his or her testimony of inspiration.

“The Heavens Rained,” p. 42: Read Elder Ronald T. Halverson’s account of his visit to Ha’afeva. Ask family members if they would have the faith to share the last of their food. Ask them to imagine the faith it would take to pray for good traveling weather in these circumstances. Are there droughts in your lives? What kinds of “rain” might you pray for to alleviate those droughts?

“Following the Crowd,” p. F2: Ask your children if they ever face temptations to do something wrong because everyone else is doing it. Talk about alternative actions to following the crowd, such as praying for help, talking to parents, and standing up for the right.

“David’s Prayer,” p. F8: Ask your children if they are ever afraid. Tell the story of President David O. McKay. Assure them that they can pray and receive comfort as young David did.