Using the Liahona
April 2004

“Using the Liahona,” Liahona, Apr. 2004, 1

Using the Liahona

Family Home Evening Ideas

“The Good Samaritans in Coutts,” p. 23: Read together this story by Alan P. Kingston, who is a member of another faith. Ask family members to suggest ways they can be good Samaritans to others at work, at school, or in your neighborhood.

“The Keys of the Kingdom,” p. 41: Ask your family why it is important for the Church to have the proper authority to act in God’s name. After discussing some of these reasons, read together President Wilford Woodruff’s account of the Prophet Joseph Smith giving the priesthood keys to the Twelve Apostles.

“What Was I Missing?” p. 8: Ask family members if they have ever tried to make themselves perfect. Were they successful? Read this story together, emphasizing the verse in the book of Ether that so impressed the author. Talk about the grace of Jesus Christ and how it helps you overcome sin and weakness.

“The Miracle of the Priesthood,” p. 26: It has been 175 years since John the Baptist appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and restored the Aaronic Priesthood. Discuss with your family the importance of this restoration and the blessings each family member enjoys on a regular basis because the Aaronic Priesthood is again on earth.

“Crossroads,” p. F2: Read with your family the account of Alice’s encounter with the Cheshire Cat and his answer to her. Ask your children where they want to go in life. Does it matter which path they take? Talk about some of the milestones and dangers they may find along that path.

“Aren’t You a Mormon?” p. F8: Ask your children if they have ever done something they were later ashamed of because they wanted to impress their friends. Talk about their feelings and what they did or can do to repent. Explain that most people will respect them more if they are true to their beliefs than if they merely follow the crowd.