Using the Liahona
March 2004

“Using the Liahona,” Liahona, Mar. 2004, 1

Using the Liahona

Family Home Evening Ideas

“Be One of the Greatest,” p. 12: Elder Richard G. Scott and Elder Charles Didier give counsel for young people who are preparing to join “the greatest generation of missionaries.” Discuss these ideas with your children. Ask what they can do right now, regardless of their age, to prepare to teach with the Spirit when they are old enough to serve missions.

“It Wasn’t a Sacrifice,” p. 34: Share an experience from your life in which unanticipated blessings came from sacrificing something you really wanted. Explain how the Lord sometimes has different plans for us than we may imagine for ourselves.

“A Temple-Motivated People,” p. 40: Share your feelings about the temple. Using President Howard W. Hunter’s article, explain in appropriate detail the ordinances of the temple. Ask each person to set a personal goal to always be worthy to attend the temple and, if you live close enough, to attend often.

“About Patriarchal Blessings,” p. 18: Ask your children if they have questions about patriarchal blessings. Use the information in this article to answer these questions.

“Did You Know?” p. 48: Read about Jesus’ baptism (see Matt. 3:13–17; Mark 1:3–11; Luke 3:21–22; John 1:19–37). Emphasize that everyone needs to be baptized. Jesus and His prophets have set an example. Using this article, create a quiz about the prophets’ baptisms. You might ask questions such as “Which prophet was baptized in a swimming pool?”

“A Wildflower and a Prayer,” p. F6: Read together Sister Gayle M. Clegg’s story. Ask your children if they have ever felt lonely. Remind them that Heavenly Father is always near and that something as simple as a wildflower can help them remember their parents love them and pray for them.