Special Witness: ‘Follow Me’
February 2004

“Special Witness: ‘Follow Me’” Liahona, Feb. 2004, F16

Special Witness:

“Follow Me”

From an April 2002 general conference address.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

Did you know that when Elder Wirthlin was young he liked to go fishing with his father? Here he encourages us to leave behind our sins and follow Jesus Christ.

Casting their nets into the Sea of Galilee, Peter and Andrew stopped as Jesus of Nazareth approached, looked into their eyes, and spoke the simple words, “Follow me.” The two fishermen “straightway left their nets, and followed him.” (See Matt. 4:18–22.)

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to have lived in the days of the Savior? If you had been there, would you have heeded His call “Follow me”?

Perhaps a more realistic question might be, “If the Savior were to call you today, would you be just as willing to leave your nets and follow Him?” I am confident that many would.

But for some, it may not be such an easy decision. Some have discovered that nets, by their very nature, are sometimes not so easy to leave.

Nets come in many sizes and shapes. Nets can be our work, our hobbies, our pleasures, and, above all else, our temptations and sins. In short, a net can be anything that pulls us away from our relationship with our Heavenly Father or from His restored Church.

How do we follow the Savior? By obeying Him. He and our Heavenly Father have given us commandments—not to punish or torment us, but to help us come to a fulness of joy, both in this life and for the eternities to come.

When the Master of ocean, earth, and sky calls to us, “Follow me,” we should leave the entangling, worldly nets behind and follow His footsteps.

Illustrated by Steve Kropp