Using the August 2003 Liahona
August 2003

“Using the August 2003 Liahona,” Liahona, Aug. 2003, 48

Using the August 2003 Liahona

Discussion Ideas

  • “Your Family History: Getting Started,” p. 12: President Boyd K. Packer suggests an easy way to get started on your family history. Discuss his ideas and make a plan for taking the first steps.

  • “Web of Friendship,” p. 32: Elder Richard H. Winkel tells how giant redwood trees can survive strong winds by intertwining their roots with those of nearby trees. Members of the Church are like redwoods: we need the strength of those around us to stand tall. Discuss what you can do to help sustain members in your ward or branch.

  • “The Parable of the Talents,” p. 34: Elder Ronald A. Rasband lists three principles regarding talents. Talk about these principles and how they apply to specific talents of members of your class or family.

  • “Faith Lights the Way,” p. F2: President Gordon B. Hinckley compares a nighttime train trip with our journey through life. Discuss how faith lights the way for us just as the train’s headlight lights the way for an engineer.

Test Your Knowledge

Do you know where these Book of Mormon events happened?

  1. When King Mosiah fled with his group of Nephites, they joined the Mulekite people. What is the name of the land where the Mulekites lived?

    1. Gidgiddonah

    2. Lehi-Nephi

    3. Zarahemla

  2. What is the name of a body of water where Alma performed baptisms? A Nephite prophet later had the same name.

    1. Helaman

    2. Mormon

    3. Laman

  3. Which land did the Nephites give to the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi for an inheritance?

    1. Bountiful

    2. Irreantum

    3. Jershon


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