Using the February 2003 Liahona

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“Using the February 2003 Liahona,” Liahona, Feb. 2003, 48

Using the February 2003 Liahona

Discussion Ideas

  • “Strengthening the Inner Self,” p. 2: President James E. Faust explains that all things are spiritual. Discuss commandments such as tithing, the Word of Wisdom, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. Ask how we are strengthened spiritually through obeying these commandments.

  • “Birthday Temple Trip,” p. 8: When have you had to make a difficult choice between something you wanted to do and something Heavenly Father wanted you to do? Or between something good and something better? How did you feel after you made your choice?

  • “Divine Love,” p. 12: Elder Russell M. Nelson teaches that the fulness of God’s love and blessings are available to us if we meet certain conditions. What can we do to partake of the full expression of the Lord’s love and blessings in our lives?

  • “Pebble of Forgiveness,” p. F6: Ask family or class members if they have any pebbles in their shoes. If appropriate, relate an experience you have had in forgiving, emphasizing how good you felt when you forgave.

Test Your Knowledge

See if you can match the people or things that appear together in the Savior’s parables.

1. Wheat

a. Bottles (see Matt. 9:17)

2. Rain

b. Sand (see Matt. 7:24–27)

3. Wine

c. Tares (see Matt. 13:24–30)

4. Seed

d. Lazarus (see Luke 16:19–31)

5. Prodigal son

e. Thorns (see Matt. 13:3–8)

6. Rich man

f. Fatted calf (see Luke 15:11–32)