Using the June 2002 Liahona
June 2002

“Using the June 2002 Liahona,” Liahona, June 2002, 48

Using the June 2002 Liahona

Discussion Ideas

  • “A Little Child Shall Lead Them,” page 2: President Thomas S. Monson tells the story of Tyler, a little boy who visited Temple Square. How do you, like Tyler, know that Jesus Christ loves you? What experiences have shown you His love?

  • “Joseph Smith, The Prophet,” page 10: Elder David B. Haight recounts that the Prophet Joseph Smith was willing to give his life for the Savior and the members of the Church. In what ways has the mission of Joseph Smith affected your life? How can you prepare to answer any request from the Lord with “I will”?

  • “Faith of Our Fathers,” page F2: “Let us remember those pioneering Saints as we strive to be valiant servants,” says Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. In what ways can you honor the faith of the pioneers? How can you be a valiant servant?

Test Your Knowledge

  1. Which latter-day prophet was the nephew of a prophet?

  2. Which temple is the largest? Which is the smallest?

  3. In how many languages is the Book of Mormon printed?
    a. Fewer than 50.
    b. Between 50 and 75.
    c. Between 76 and 100.
    d. More than 100.


  • (1) Joseph F. Smith was a nephew of Joseph Smith; (2) the Salt Lake Temple is the largest, and the Monticello Utah Temple and Colonia Juárez Chihuahua México Temple are the smallest; (3) d.

Photo illustration by Craig Dimond and Steve Bunderson