Sharing Time: Temples in All Times

“Sharing Time: Temples in All Times,” Liahona, June 2002, 10

Sharing Time:

Temples in All Times

“I command you, all ye my saints, to build a house unto me” (D&C 124:31).

Do you remember the story of the children of Israel? Moses led them out of Egypt, and they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.

Have you heard of King Solomon’s great wisdom? He settled an argument between two women claiming to be the mother of the same little baby.

Do you recall that Nephi willingly returned to Jerusalem to get the brass plates? His older brothers went with him, but they did not want to.

Can you remember the account of Joseph Smith’s First Vision? He prayed, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him.

What do Moses, King Solomon, Nephi, and Joseph Smith have in common? They were all commanded to build a temple. In ancient and modern times, the Lord’s chosen people have built temples. Temples are places for sacred worship and for making sacred covenants.

The temple the children of Israel built was called a tabernacle. They carried it with them. It included the ark of the covenant, which held the Ten Commandments (see Ex. 25–26; 1 Kgs. 8:9).

King David collected material to build a great temple. But Heavenly Father wanted Solomon, King David’s son, to build this important temple in Jerusalem (see 1 Chr. 28:2–3, 6).

The Nephites were blessed because of temples. Nephi built a temple in the promised land. King Benjamin delivered his great sermon at the temple. The Savior appeared at the temple in the land Bountiful (see 2 Ne. 5:16; Mosiah 1:18; 3 Ne. 11:1–10).

Through Joseph Smith, Heavenly Father restored all parts of the Church to earth, including temple ordinances. The Prophet Joseph was commanded to build the Kirtland Temple (see D&C 95:8). Now more than 100 temples have been built. More are being built so we can have the blessings Heavenly Father’s covenant people have had throughout history.


Draw a modern temple in the blank space. Mount page 11 on heavy paper, and cut out the temple pieces and the title piece. Punch holes on the circles. Hang each temple piece from the title piece with a different length of string or yarn (see illustration). Display the mobile where it can remind you to be worthy to enter the temple.

A temple

Illustrations by David Meikle

Temples in All Times
“I command you, all ye my saints, to build a house unto me” (D&C 124:31).
Kirtland Temple
My temple
Nephite temple
Moses’ tabernacle
Solomon’s temple

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Explain that when the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, the temple was a visual reminder that Heavenly Father would bless His people if they were obedient. Have each class choose one of the following scripture references: Ex. 13:17–21 (the children of Israel are led by a pillar of a cloud); Ex. 14:9, 15–22, 26–28 (Moses parts the Red Sea); Ex. 17:8–12 (Amalek is defeated while Moses’ hands are up); Num. 21:4–9 (the children of Israel are saved from fiery serpents). Have the classes read the scriptures. Then have them pantomime the event. Bear your testimony that we are blessed for our obedience.

  2. Discuss temples in the Book of Mormon by having each class read one of the following scripture references: 2 Ne. 5:16 (Nephi builds a temple); Jacob 1:17 (Jacob teaches at the temple); Mosiah 2:1 (King Benjamin teaches at the temple); Mosiah 7:17 (King Limhi gathers his people at the temple); Alma 16:13 (Alma and Amulek teach at the temple); Hel. 3:3, 9 (the Nephites build temples); 3 Ne. 11:1–10 (Jesus Christ appears at the temple in the land Bountiful). Testify of the blessings that have come to Church members today because of temples.